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Youth English Classes

  • 10 Week Course 

  • Personalized curriculum

  • Immersion Based Learning

Alphabet Cubes



Do you or your child struggle with reading, writing, or speaking English? Do you want personalized help and extra support for you or your child?

I offer fun and interactive private online tutoring and in-person tutoring that is based on the personal needs of you or your student! I have experience working with English learners of all ages and levels. 


  • Early Learning Private Classes (3-6yrs)

  • Youth Private Classes (7-13yrs)

  • High school Beginner and Intermediate Classes (14-18yrs)

  • Adult Beginner and Intermediate Classes

  • High school and University English Writing/Essay Help and Proofreading 


Send me an email with your concerns and we can work together to help you or your student feel confident in English! 

$30 or  ₡18,600  per hour 

$260 or ₡162,000  when you pay for 10 sessions 

*Students that do not show up to class or cancel less than 24 hours before a class will still be expected to pay for the class

Adult Small Group Classes

Session #1

January - March

Session #2

April  - June

The class curriculum is based on an immersive learning experience. Students will be spoken to in English the whole class and will be encouraged to use only English in the classroom. All activities and classwork will be explained in English, although some translations will be used when necessary. Learners will be given an assessment at the beginning and the end of the 10 week program to assess their growth. Students will be able to keep and use any material given to them in class. 

Meet the Teacher and free class assessments on 4th and 7th of Sepember 

Beginner Classes

Tuesdays at 4:05pm. First Day of Class 14th of September 

Saturdays at 12:10-1:10pm. First Day of Class 18th of September 


Intermediate Classes

Fridays at 6:00pm. First day of Class 17th of September

Class Price:

$12  or 7,400  per class


$100 or 62,000 when you pay for all ten weeks

*Students that do not show up to class or cancel less than 24 hours before a class will still be expected to pay for the class


The program uses materials produced by Teacher Sophie based off of TEFL Standards.

"Students will encounter dozens of teachers in their lives. It is a gift when one of these teachers can rise above the rest and make lasting impressions on their hearts and minds. Sophia is this kind of teacher. I highly recommend her to you. Hire her. Your students will be the better for it."
-Dan Eisler, General Director 
Cloud Forest School, Monteverde, Costa Rica

"...But most importantly she brought a tremendous amount of joy and love to the classroom. Testament to that is the relationship she built with my son. 


Then the pandemic hit and the school basically shut down. Many children in the community, including mine, have been left with no schooling options. Sophia began offering online classes several times a week for small groups of students, including my son. I wondered how Sophia was going to keep five-year-olds engaged through a screen, something I found challenging with the 3rd graders I’ve been teaching. Again, Sophia far exceeded my expectations, building a structured curriculum appropriate for remote learning that included songs, games, phonics, story time, and projects. My son now looks forward to these classes with the same excitement that he felt about going to school. "

-Reena Shah
Writer and Educator

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