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Welcome to my Classroom!

Hi! My name is Teacher Sophie! I am a TEFL certified English teacher. I am a fun and energetic teacher!  I love helping students of all ages learn how to read! For the past three years I have lived and taught in Costa Rica. I have worked with students of all ages, but I especially loved working with my kinder class! 

I believe that all children are unique in the ways they learn and that it is the teachers job to help guide them as they explore and learn about the world. It is my hope that I can create a safe environment where my students can feel comfortable to take risks and make mistakes on their English learning journey. 

Currently I am in the Psychology Program at Granite State College with hopes to become an elementary school counselor. 

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"Students will encounter dozens of teachers in their lives. It is a gift when one of these teachers can rise above the rest and make lasting impressions on their hearts and minds. Sophia is this kind of teacher. I highly recommend her to you. Hire her. Your students will be the better for it."
Dan Eisler, General Director 
Cloud Forest School, Monteverde, Costa Rica

"...But most importantly she brought a tremendous amount of joy and love to the classroom. Testament to that is the relationship she built with my son. 


Then the pandemic hit and the school basically shut down. Many children in the community, including mine, have been left with no schooling options. Sophia began offering online classes several times a week for small groups of students, including my son. I wondered how Sophia was going to keep five-year-olds engaged through a screen, something I found challenging with the 3rd graders I’ve been teaching. Again, Sophia far exceeded my expectations, building a structured curriculum appropriate for remote learning that included songs, games, phonics, story time, and projects. My son now looks forward to these classes with the same excitement that he felt about going to school. "

-Reena Shah
Writer and Educator

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